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Featuring Our 85-Point Inspection

Keep Your Car in Top Shape with a Tune-Up or Inspection

South Potomac Service & Tire Center recommends that you bring your car in for regular inspections and tune ups to keep it running at peak efficiency. It is very important to have your vehicle inspected and tuned up before venturing on any extended trips where you may become stranded if your vehicle’s systems fail. Schedule your regular vehicle maintenance with us today by calling (240) 329-9996, and be sure to ask for our 85-point inspection service.

South Potomac Service & Tire Center’s 85-Point Inspection

Our 85-point inspection is one of the most comprehensive and affordable inspections available and can identify most potential hazards well in advance. Secure peace of mind with an inspection and tune up from South Potomac Service & Tire Center. Some of the critical components that we inspect and test include the:

– Coolant System
– Brake System

– Battery
– Starter

– Alternator
– Tires

Available Tune-Up Services for Hagerstown-Area Businesses

Keep your car in top shape with a tune-up from South Potomac Service & Tire Center and experience the following benefits:

– Peak Combustion Efficiency
– Improved Vehicular Performance
– Fuel Savings
– Faster, Easier Starting

We offer the following available tune-up services on request:

Installation of New Spark Plugs into the Cylinder Head

When your spark plugs malfunction, you may notice that it becomes harder to start your vehicle. Spark plugs are responsible for delivering the spark to the combustion chamber. Your vehicle may misfire, backfire, and exhibit decreased fuel economy and a noticeable lack of power.

Installation of New Ignition Coils

Ignition coils deliver the high-voltage spark that creates ignition within the combustion chamber. The vehicle’s difficulty or failure to start may indicate malfunctioning ignition coils, misfiring under a heavy load, and increased emissions.

Installation of New Ignition Wires

Ignition or spark plug wires are critical for transferring the spark current from the distributor cap/coil to the spark plugs. Difficulty starting, misfires, backfires, and high emissions may indicate failure of ignition wires, especially under a heavy load.

We can also test and adjust your timing and idle speed if applicable. We follow all industry standards and are here to answer any questions that you may have about properly maintaining your vehicle to get the most life and the best usage out of it. We offer fair and honest up front pricing and we are here to treat you well and keep you coming back by providing excellent service.

Contact the friendly staff members of South Potomac Service & Tire Center to schedule your 85-point inspection or tune-up service today: